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Affordable Website Design


Workgroup Technology Solutions specialises in affordable website design – affordable in terms of both the initial setup and the ongoing costs. Our standard business sites are all built on the SiteX Content Management System, which, after it has been installed and configured, allows your employees create the content for your website without having to pay any external designers (including us!). This means that the typical cost for the initial setup of your website, including hosting, image licensing and consulting fees is usually well under $1000 ex GST for simple sites.

How does this work?

Many website design companies start by purchasing a commercial template, customising the template to meet your specifications, and then writing each individual web page from scratch based on the customised template. Once the site is complete, they will charge you each time you want to go back and change something on your website – even a spelling mistake!

Workgroup Technology Solutions instead relies on the SiteX Content Management System when creating small business websites. SiteX – which we also used to create our own website – allows you to alter most of the attributes of your website without having to learn how to be a computer programmer. Rather, there is a reasonably simple point and click menu system that walks you through the various options. If you want to add a picture, you can simply copy one to the site from your computer. If you want to add a new web page, you can simply copy the text directly from Microsoft Word. To edit or remove content, you can simply click a ‘Delete’ button. Basically, if you’ve used a web-based application like Hotmail, Gmail, Google Docs, MySpace or Facebook, you (and your employees) will be up and running with minimal training. And if you haven’t – don’t despair! An hour or so of training and you’ll be fine.

Best of all, because SiteX is free, there are no licensing fees to pay! In terms of ongoing costs, all you have to pay for is the monthly hosting fee, the yearly domain registration fee, and the occasional fee for us to perform security upgrades on the SiteX system (perhaps once every twelve months or so on average).

What does this mean for my business?

For well under $1000 ex. GST in most cases, your business can have a website, customised with your own heading graphic and colour scheme, that you don’t have to pay anyone else to maintain on a day to day basis. You’ll get:

  • Unlimited pages on your site
  • A photo gallery if required
  • A calendar if required
  • A guestbook if required
  • A user-friendly administration system – no need to pay costly designers to update your site

Plus, you may qualify for a free Google advertising voucher if you select a hosting package recommended by us!

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