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Small Business Savers

Workgroup Technology Solutions is serious about delivering the best possible value to clients when they need to purchase products and services. Unlike many big I.T. companies, we realise that minimising costs and choosing the most suitable products are the most important issues for small businesses when they consider technology-related purchases.

Whether you need access to quality ex-lease desktop computers, want an affordable website solution that lets your employees create most of the site’s content without having to pay any external designers, or require an enterprise-level server package with features like a company-wide calendar and address book, centralised backups, and filtered Internet access for employees, we can help you to meet these goals.
We also have extensive experience with a variety of low-cost software products, such as:
  •, a free alternative to Microsoft Office
  • PrimoPDF, a free PDF creation package
  • Linux, an alternative solution to costly Windows software

If you have an I.T.-related business problem that needs solving in an affordable, professional manner, be sure to get in touch with us for a free, no obligation discussion of your requirements.

Once we've implemented your new solution, we won't just leave you in the lurch! Workgroup Technology Solutions offers a very affordable ongoing support plan to help your business to manage its support costs. Click here to read more about our Balanced Support Plan.

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