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About Us

Workgroup Technology Solutions is the business services arm of Akania Pty Ltd (ACN 137 621 400). We focus exclusively on small business, and provide our customers with professional, affordable support and consulting services. Workgroup Technology Solutions is based in Sydney, and services clients across the greater metropolitan region.

We have three primary goals when dealing with our customers: 

1.       Balancing costs with requirements

2.       “Hands free” philosophy

3.       Taking ownership of issues


Balancing costs with requirements

Workgroup Technology Solutions has experience with a wide range of business solutions, from high-end networks to simple three-computer workgroups. We believe that customers are entitled to solutions that are affordable both now and into the future, but are flexible so that changing requirements can be met without major upheavals.

“Hands-free” philosophy

Workgroup Technology Solutions believes that the best I.T. solutions are the ones where the customer (and the support provider) minimise day-to-day work. When we design solutions we ensure that the ongoing costs and maintenance requirements are minimised. We also prefer to train clients’ employees to perform basic administration tasks themselves, reducing the need to spend money on consulting fees for regular business operations.

Taking ownership of issues

Workgroup Technology Solutions prefers to deal with vendors, service providers, and other stakeholders directly (with the permission of the customer) when complex issues arise. This allows us to take ownership of issues, and speak directly with third parties to help find solutions to problems in the least amount of time.

Contact Us

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