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Digital Telephony

Network-based telephone systems are rapidly replacing older analogue systems, and may offer compelling value for your business. Digital telephony supports many advanced features, such as centralised call management, email integration, and the ability to move handsets between physical locations without rewiring or complex reconfiguration.

Workgroup Technology Solutions recommends the SARK Unified Communications Server, a freely available telephony server based on the award-winning Asterisk PBX platform. Because SARK is free, the only purchasing costs will be for hardware, such as the handsets. Important features such as voicemail and music on hold, which are often optional extras with competing systems, are also included with SARK UCS free of charge. SARK supports Internet-based Voice over IP (VOIP) if desired, or can use traditional ISDN phone lines in a manner similar to competing digital solutions.
If your business chooses SME Server when deploying a server, SARK can be installed on your new server and will seamlessly integrate with SME Server’s administration system. Alternatively, SARK can be installed on a standalone server which, depending on the configuration required, may cost very little to set up due to its low hardware requirements.
Workgroup Technology Solutions can help you to evaluate your telephony requirements and then implement a solution based on SARK that will help your office to maximise features and flexibility while avoiding many of the costs of competing digital telephony systems. We can advise you regarding the hardware required and the benefits and risks of various configuration options. Once you have decided on a solution, we can configure SARK and your handsets, and integrate your existing email system if required.

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