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Cost Savings

Information Technology has a deserved reputation as being an endless sink hole through which countless dollars pour. However, it is often possible to reduce your I.T. expenditure, or, better still, to design your infrastructure in a way that avoids many costs before they are incurred. Workgroup Technology Solutions can help you to evaluate your business’ I.T.-related expenses and assist with the creation of strategies to reduce your costs.

Some examples of strategies to reduce costs include:
  • Switching to a cheaper Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Purchasing ex-lease desktop computers sold cheaply with factory warranties
  • Employing Voice over IP to reduce the costs of phone calls
  • Using a free or cheaper replacement for Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Deploying Linux servers and/or workstations
  • Replacing Microsoft Office with

Although some of these changes might initially result in additional expenditure – in terms of new software licenses and implementation costs, such as installation and training – over time, the reduction in ongoing licensing or service fees, and related expenses, may well result in a substantial saving for your business. By carefully evaluating your current expenses and comparing them with the upfront and ongoing costs associated with proposed cost savings, we can help you to determine whether changes would be beneficial to your business operations.

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