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Business Security

The security of your business information is of critical importance. There are a variety of I.T. security challenges that need to be addressed in a typical business, including:

  • Viruses and Trojans
  • Network intrusions
  • Improper access and data theft
  • Authentication security

Workgroup Technology Solutions can help you to reduce the risks to your business by evaluating your current settings and procedures, and then implementing simple changes designed to improve your I.T. security. Typical changes include:

  • Stronger passwords for devices such as routers and modems
  • A password policy that requires employees to change their passwords regularly and to ensure that their passwords are reasonably hard to guess
  • Better permissions structures for shared folders
  • Up to date antivirus and anti-spam software
  • Updating firewall rules to close unnecessary ports
  • Implementing a VPN to reduce exposure of your servers
  • Encrypting laptop hard drives to help prevent data theft
  • Better backup strategies (read more about backups)

Many of these changes are not particularly expensive, but can help guard against digital threats. It could be easy to over- or under-invest in security for your business. By employing a practical (but not simplistic) approach to security it is possible to reduce risk without becoming overburdened in terms of costs or procedures.

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