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Business Backups

Being able to retain access to your business data is a critical part of any Information Technology strategy. Workgroup Technology Solutions can help your business to design a backup strategy, implement the chosen solution, and then monitor its effectiveness and recover files as needed.

Generally backup systems are designed to be as convenient as possible. In a simple scenario, this may mean that a USB hard drive can be attached to your server for use as a backup device. However, most businesses should consider retaining multiple backup sets, and even in some cases using an offsite storage provider for complete piece of mind. Most of these backup strategies involve the use tapes, which, although rather old fashioned, often remain the best choice to retain business information.
If you do decide to use tapes in the business, we recommend that in addition to your regular tapes, you purchase 11 monthly tapes and a new tape for each June's backup. The yearly June tape can then be retained as a snapshot of your business data, in the event that this is required for legal purposes.

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