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Deploying a Server

Centralisation of business information around a server is an important part of many operating environments. Workgroup Technology Solutions can help your business to deploy a server for the first time, or to migrate from a server that has reached its end of life to a newer, cost effective solution.

A server can help you to centralise:
  • User accounts, allowing authorised employees to have one password to access all relevant resources
  • Files and email, allowing you to more easily collate and back up all of your business information (click here to read more about backups)
  • Applications, allowing you to deploy many business applications to office computers without having to go around and install them manually on each machine
  • Websites, allowing you to do away with expensive external hosting if you have a reliable broadband Internet connection
In addition, a server can help you to improve business processes by integrating a document management solution or digital telephony.
Unlike many other I.T. firms, Workgroup Technology Solutions has extensive experience with both Windows and Linux, and can help you to determine which platform is best suited to your needs (click here to read more about the differences between Windows and Linux).
Whether you are considering deploying a server for the first time, need to upgrade to a newer solution, or just want some advice regarding the benefits of a server, Workgroup Technology Solutions can help you to analyse your business requirements and select a product that will meet your requirements.

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