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Affordable On-Going Support

Workgroup Technology Solutions can help you to reduce your I.T. support costs. For a small monthly charge, we can provide your business with our Balanced Support Plan, which includes:

  1. One hour of on-site work per month during business hours; and
  2. One half hour of work off-site per month (for example, providing support over the telephone or by email); and
  3. A 20% discount off our regular hourly rates and callout fees for any other work that we do.
Importantly, we won’t just charge you and then do nothing! Signing up to our support plan means that once a month, every month, we will come to your office and work through any questions or issues that have arisen since our last visit. And because we also throw in the off-site half hour – a great lifeline in an emergency – plus the 20% discount on other work, our balanced support plan represents great value for money.
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