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Cost-Effective Linux Servers

If you have wanted so-called “enterprise-level” features, such as a company-wide calendar and address book, filtered Internet access or a centralised backup system, you have probably found that you would need to purchase a server to obtain these features. Odds are that when you investigated further, you were given a quote that included items such as Client Access Licenses, antivirus software, anti-spam software, backup software, filtering software… and the list goes on.

If the cost of purchasing all of this extra software was unaffordable, Workgroup Technology Solutions may have the answer. By using the power of Linux, a freely available, Open Source operating system designed for servers, we can help you to minimise the additional costs to your business when deploying a server for the first time, or replacing an old server that has reached the end of its useful life.

How does this work?

Workgroup Technology Solutions recommends and has extensive experience with SME Server, a Linux product based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux standard (although not endorsed or supported by Red Hat). SME Server 7 is specifically designed for small business requirements, and can provide:
  • Centralised storage and backups for all business files
  • A web server, eliminating the need to pay for external website hosting
  • A complete email server, including full remote access to email
  • A secure firewall
  • Secure remote access for employees working off-site or from home
  • Free antivirus and anti-spam software

And the best news is that SME Server works with Windows XP and Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Outlook – there’s no need to change or re-learn your existing desktop software!

SME Server is available without charge, and is financially supported by companies who provide commercial add-on software for the main product. Workgroup Technology Solutions customers have free access to additional features provided by Dungog Networks, which includes:
  • Monitored and filtered Internet access
  • Limited administration tool
  • Advanced email sorting
  • Easy access to scheduled tasks

Lastly, to bring all of these great features together into one simple, easy to use package, we wrote TurboDeploy, which for a small fee allows us to reduce the typical deployment time (and associated consulting costs that you have to pay) for a new server from around a day to just a few hours.

What does this mean for my business?

For the cost of an entry-level server, a TurboDeploy license and a minimal amount of consulting time, your business can centralise its files, emails, website, and other resources in a single, secure location that can be easily backed up on a daily basis. Plus you get the added security of filtered and monitored Internet access to help keep your staff honest about their usage. And as an added bonus, there’s no need to give up either Windows XP or Microsoft Office on your desktop machines!
Of course, each business’ needs are different, so be sure to contact us to obtain more detailed information and costs that are specific to your situation and requirements.

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