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Ex-Lease Desktops

If your business needs to upgrade outdated desktop computers, or expand the number of desktops that are available at your office, Workgroup Technology Solutions can provide access to quality ex-lease desktop computers that are let go by big rental companies after their initial three year rental terms and corresponding manufacturers’ warranties expire. These ex-lease packages are then sold on as retail packages (desktop, flat-screen monitor, and Windows licence) with full 12 month warranties for around $500 each, excluding GST.

How does this work?

Most large businesses that rent desktop computers simply upgrade after the three years, largely because the original manufacturer no longer offers a warranty. However, the machines are usually very well built – because it costs the original vendors a lot of money every time they have to send someone out to fix a hardware failure during the warranty period. After the leases expire, the rental companies simply offload these perfectly good machines to refurbishing firms, who then upgrade the machines a little, make sure that they are in good working order, and then sell them on at a small profit.

What does this mean for my business?

You can purchase a refurbished, fully guaranteed machine that will run Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2007 without issue, for around $500 each, excluding GST. If you add an Office 2007 Small Business Edition license, the whole package will cost around $800 ex. GST per machine.
And the best news is: if you buy multiple PCs, after we have customised the first machine to meet your needs, we can simply copy our changes across to the others, saving a lot of time (and you a lot of money!) when there are two or more desktops that are being purchased together.

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