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Office Relocations

Moving offices can be a demanding time for businesses, and I.T. problems can sometimes cause major headaches. If your business is moving premises, Workgroup Technology Solutions can help you throughout your move, coordinating with server providers, planning the I.T. infrastructure for your new office, and assisting with the physical move.

Planning appropriately for your move will reduce the risk of something going wrong or of unforseen circumstances interfering with the operation of the business at its new location. We can help you to evaluate requirements such as network cabling, telephone points, and housing for server and networking equipment, and then liaise with your telephone company and Internet Service Provider to help minimise downtime during the move.
If you want to use the move as an opportunity to address shortcomings with your existing systems or infrastructure, we can help you to consider options such as:

We can also help you to evaluate changing telephone companies or Internet service providers, and coordinate the switchover if moving to a new provider would help you to reduce your costs.

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