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Business Computer Upgrades

If your business computers beginning to show their age, Workgroup Technology Solutions can help you to upgrade your equipment in order to meet more modern requirements. Whether you need to run newer software, want to upgrade to widescreen monitors, or just need everything to run faster, we can help you to determine what is required and then make the necessary changes.

Often your requirements can be met by simply adding new components, such as memory (RAM) to make your computers faster and more able to deal with newer applications. These types of upgrades are very affordable and often require minimal downtime.
However, sometimes it is not possible, or not at least the best idea, to upgrade existing hardware, due either to the hardware's age or an inability to meet your new business requirements. If new desktops or laptops are needed, we can advise you as to the brands to consider, help you to purchase the necessary products and licenses, and then configure the new hardware to integrate them with your I.T. infrastructure.
Generally we recommend brand name business equipment such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Although branded business desktops and laptops may sometimes be a little more expensive up-front, both of these vendors provide convenient, long-term on-site warranty options that help to maximise the lifetime of new equipment while minimising business interruptions.
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